In the north of Haïti, late August 2015

One time I cycled solo around Haïti, planting trees and talking to people, for fundraising and for the craic. I came across this footbridge that was mad fun to cycle down. I was a bit lost at the time, but somewhere in this area.
This is gonna be fun!

At Cenote Verde Lucero, Yucatán peninsula, 16 Feb 2014

A digital nomad's office, Lake Atitlán, May 2013

Atitlán office

I spent about 9 months at Lake Atitlán in Guatemala setting up several small money-making websites. You can live there for about $5 a day, go kayaking, climb volcanoes, drink the best coffee in the world, party, and have an office like this.

Project Milo, May 2012


This is me in Port-au-Prince teaching my buddy Milo to write. He is 12 in this photo, and five minutes before this photo had never received any education. Now he can read and write, and goes to school. Photo by Matthew Reitman