Stablecoins - everything you need to know – for Cryptoinsider, around September 2018. I'm not proud of the summary of how Dai works; proud of the rest of it. is all vision – for Cryptoinsider, July 2017. Part investigation into a scam, part interview, part opinion piece.

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My experiments with simple living

About the music of Watkin Tudor Jones

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Farming Black Soldier Fly in Haïti

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Paleo Permaculture – discusses how gluten-free, meat-n-veg diets are more conducive to ecological growing than grain-based diets are. October 2013.

Memes have immune systems. A guest post for the wonderful Dedroidify blog.

Korzybski's Structural Differential – An attempt to write Pop General Semantics. Published on Dedroidify in October 2013.